Nurturing independence for you, your kids and their world

At ezpz we give parents the tools and knowledge they need to teach their babies and toddlers to feed independently. All of our products were designed with your child's safety and developmental milestones in mind so you can focus on what's most important at mealtime – family bonding.

We make feeding safe and fun for your kids

The suction feature / stable base promotes safe and independent eating

Products are made from 100% toxin-free silicone

Playful designs inspire positivity and new tastes at mealtime

We do the research for you

Products are thoughtfully designed with a Pediatric Feeding Specialist

Products help infants and toddlers meet developmental milestones

The blog provides tips and advice from pediatric experts

We care and strive to make a difference

Products are tested and approved by moms and therapists to ensure that children of all abilities can use our products

Products are built to last and eco-friendly

Less mess and stress fosters family connections at mealtime

A safe, healthy feeding journey has long lasting benefits


We want to make mealtime ezpz for all families

Lindsey, ezpz’s founder, is committed to making proper eating techniques and developmental milestones a focus of our company. To assist, she has hired Dawn Winkelmann, M.S., CCC-SLP, as our in-house Feeding Specialist and Speech Language Pathologist. All of our products are tested and approved by Dawn (and other therapists) to ensure that neurotypical children, as well as kids with special needs, can use our products.