DIY Easter Craft Ideas

Doing Easter crafts with your kids is an exciting way to decorate your home and spread Easter cheer! It’s also a wonderful Easter tradition to start with your children. Since I come from a military family, we moved a lot and couldn’t bring many holiday decorations with us. So, my family celebrated Easter each year with multiple crafty projects, and we use the decorations to this day! Here are three DIY Easter craft ideas that your kids will love.


Easter Egg Stamp 

If you are having an Easter party, family gathering or church event, this craft will be a huge hit for kids of all ages! It’s inexpensive, easy and mess-free when using the ezpz Play Mat. Want to keep the kids occupied while you make Easter brunch? This craft is for you!

Materials: Paint, Toilet paper roll, Paint brush, Paper, Water

Directions: Place paint in the five sections of the Play Mat and water in the center. Squeeze the toilet paper roll slightly in order to create an egg shape. Have your child paint the bottom of the toilet paper roll and then press it onto the paper. Ta-da! They just made a homemade Easter egg stamp! Have them decorate the egg by painting it with polka dots, stripes and other fun holiday patterns. Once it’s dry, this art masterpiece is ready to be displayed on the refrigerator.

Filling Plastic Easter Eggs

This fun food craft can be used in multiple ways! You can hide the candy-filled Easter eggs, place an egg into a packed lunch or give them to your child’s classroom as a small Easter gift.


Materials: Plastic Easter eggs, Cupcake candy toppings

Directions: Have your child open up the plastic Easter eggs and set them on the mat. Then have them fill the plastic Easter eggs with candy. If you use small candy toppings (like we did here) your child has to work on their pincher grasp (pinching with the thumb and index finger) to put the candy inside. Next, close the Easter egg. Warning to parents, this step can be a bit messy, which is why we use the Happy Mat to contain the candy that may fall out when they try to snap the egg closed. Also remember that this activity will strengthen their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination! Once the plastic eggs have all been filled, your child can open up an egg and sprinkle the candy goodness onto an Easter pancake, waffle, cupcake or yogurt for more food fun!

Wine Cork Painting

This craft was perfect for my household because I have a few wine corks lying around…okay maybe more than a few. This fun activity recycles corks and works on a child’s fine motor skills. In fact, it’s a perfect activity for teaching the static tripod grasp, a developmental progression of the pencil grasp, which is expected by 3 ½ to 4 years-of-age. So open up a bottle of wine and get your kids wine cork painting!

Materials: Paint, Wine corks, Scissors, Paper, Hole puncher, Yarn, Water


Directions: Take a piece of paper and cut it into an egg shape. Add paint to the five sections of the Play Mat with water in the center. Have your child put a wine cork into each section and paint colorful polka dots onto their large Easter egg. Once it’s dry, punch a hole on the top of the egg and string yarn through it. Tie the yarn and proudly hang-up your holiday decoration!


Since ezpz products don’t stain, they are perfect for all Easter activities from crafting projects, to Easter egg dying and of course…brunch! When you're done, just rinse the mats in the sink or pop them in the dishwasher. What Easter crafts are you and your family working on this holiday?