ezpz is a women-owned small business
We create developmentally-focused products that make mealtime less about mess and more about fun. Each product is tailored towards a specific age group and usage occasion, and the mat’s stable base helps baby/toddler to self-feed and meet key developmental milestones. We aspire for family mealtime to be a HAPPY, positive experience where memories are made!
It all started with a mess
It all started with a mess Back in 2014, Lindsey and her husband had three boys under the age of three, and they were fed up with the messiness and cleanup time dedicated to each meal. One night (in the midst of his frustration) Lindsey's husband said, “We need a plate the boys can’t tip or toss!” From that day on Lindsey was committed to creating products that made meals with kids ezpz – and that is how the Happy Mat came to be.
Mealtime will never be the same
"Thanks for creating this product. The ezpz Happy Mat changes lives. You have definitely changed ours!" - LeeAnn Meier
Mom, Inventor, Founder
My name is Lindsey Laurain, and I am the founder of ezpz. I’m a wife and working mom to three wonderful, wild boys who serve as my inspiration and my in-home product testers. I never imagined I would leave corporate America and become an entrepreneur, but the journey has been very special (and tiring!). The ezpz community, positivity and my family and team keep me motivated. We are committed to hard work and FUN!
Created by a mom. Perfected by experts.
From baby's first food to feeding independence, ezpz understands the challenges parents face and provides the tools to support a positive feeding experience.

Since our launch on Kickstarter in 2014, we have won numerous awards and accolades. We continue to revolutionize mealtime by designing a full feeding line to help babies and toddlers learn to safely self-feed.
Nurturing independence for you, your kids and their world
At ezpz we give parents the tools and knowledge they need to teach their babies and toddlers to feed independently. All of our products were designed with your child's safety and developmental milestones in mind so you can focus on what's most important at mealtime – family bonding.
We make feeding safe and fun for your kids
The suction feature / stable base promotes safe and independent eating. Products are made from 100% toxin-free silicone. Playful designs inspire positivity and new tastes at mealtime.

We do the research for you
Products are thoughtfully designed with a Pediatric Feeding Specialist. Products help infants and toddlers meet developmental milestones. The blog provides tips and advice from pediatric experts.

We care and strive to make a difference
Products are tested and approved by moms and therapists to ensure that children of all abilities can use our products. Products are built to last and eco-friendly. Less mess and stress fosters family connections at mealtime. A safe, healthy feeding journey has long lasting benefits.

We want to make mealtime ezpz for all families
Lindsey, ezpz’s founder, is committed to making proper eating techniques and developmental milestones a focus of our company. To assist, she has hired Dawn Winkelmann, M.S., CCC-SLP, as our in-house Feeding Special and Special Needs Program Coordinator. All of our products are tested and approved by Dawn (and other therapists) to ensure that neurotypical children, as well as kids with special needs, can use our products.